Linkin Park – One More Light

linkin_park2c_one_more_light2c_album_art_finalIt’s hard to write about One More Light after Chester’s passing.
So I’m going to try and remember how it felt when I listened to it on release day.

Even though it is surprisingly short, this album was a whirlwind of emotions.
Each song is a different angle for the same story. You have hope, frustration, sadness, disappointment, anger.
We all know how hard it is to deal with them.

My favorite song on the album was the very last one, Sharp Edges. Maybe because it’s so surprising to hear Linkin Park in a country-vibe song. And because the lyrics are so true. Because it was great to hear Chester use his voice in a different way.

Also, it comes right after One more light, which, as Chester said it himself, will make your mum cry. It’s that sad and beautiful.

Talking to myself was a more catchy, upbeat song that really worked well live.

Heavy was a beautiful duet with a recording artist I never heard off before (I’m a bit of a goth living in a cave you know).
Battle symphony has such beautiful lyrics. Invisible displays Mike Shinoda’s singing abilities.
As always with Linkin Park, you never know what to expect and they always try new stuff : they are known for Chester’s screams and Mike’s rapping ? Well, no 17 second scream here (don’t get me wrong, I love Given Up, but Chester could do so much more with his voice).
And Mike doesn’t rap much, but he sure can sing. He sings like a dad singing to his kids in Invisible. And it’s such a beautiful gift to hear this.

I loved this album. It was new, and fresh, and different. It helped me tremendously during a very difficult moment in my life. It made me cry, and smile, and dance. Maybe I didn’t headbang, but who cares, I was happy to share the journey with Linkin Park.

The only issue I had was purely technical. I had pre-ordered via Itunes and had pretty crappy earphones. The mix was really strange as it felt like a lot was missing.
I don’t know if it’s a compression issue with Itunes, as I tried listening with a variety of better headphones, but it still sounded weird. I only got a good listen when the band released it on youtube, which was very kind of them, but it’s a bit sad that the free internet version sounds better than the version I bought.

After Chester’s passing, it was hard listening to the lyrics again, as they are pretty dark. But it’s Linkin Park, it has never been about sunshine and butterlies.
And you have to remember that a lot of the material was written by Brad, Mike and other authors like Julia Micheals.
So I don’t wan’t to assume anything. I just feel lucky Linkin Park recruited Chester back in the day and that we got to listen to their heartfelt music.
They took risks, they never stuck to one genre, they often payed the price that comes with artistic freedom, but in the end, this was a great album.

How did you like One more light ?


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